I want to pay with cash

Good Call Logo Flat Green RTM Stacked 150wYou can make an EastLink payment at many Afterpay Touch retailers including at participating 7-Eleven and newsagent outlets.

Paying an EastLink toll invoice or pre-paid account with cash

Take your printed EastLink toll invoice or printed pre-paid account statement to the sales counter at a participating 7-Eleven or newsagent outlet.

Buying an EastLink trip pass with cash

At a participating 7-Eleven outlet, first use the in-store self-service kiosk to specify your vehicle and pass details, then take the printed voucher to the sales counter for payment.

At a participating newsagent outlet, EastLink trip passes can be purchased directly over the counter. There is no self-service kiosk for trip passes at newsagents.

Outlet locations

Launch Map of Touch Retailers

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